Spiegel Abo: A Comprehensive Guide to DER SPIEGEL Subscriptions

In a rapidly evolving digital age, staying informed and connected with the world is essential. DER SPIEGEL, a leading German news magazine, understands this and offers a range of subscription options through Spiegel Abo. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to help readers navigate the various subscription choices, understand the benefits of each, and learn about the frequently asked questions that might arise during the subscription process.

Diverse Subscription Options

Spiegel Abo provides a selection of subscription plans designed to meet the diverse preferences and reading habits of its audience. Here’s a closer look at the key subscription options:


  • Price: €5.90 per issue.
  • Flexibility: A monthly subscription with the convenience of cancellation.
  • Benefits: Subscribers enjoy a weekly delivery of DER SPIEGEL, delivered directly to their door within Germany. This subscription also includes SPIEGEL BESTSELLER and SPIEGEL GELD.


  • Price: €1 for the first 4 weeks, followed by €4.99 per week.
  • Billing Cycle: Billed every four weeks and can be canceled.
  • Benefits: Subscribers gain access to all S+ content on and the app, the digital edition of DER SPIEGEL, ePaper (PDF), DER SPIEGEL audio version, Digital-Archiv, and the SPIEGEL+ Newsletter. It also includes a weekly digital edition of DER SPIEGEL.

Under 30/Students:

  • Price: €0 for the first 4 weeks, then €2.99 per week.
  • Billing Cycle: Billed every four weeks and can be canceled.
  • Benefits: Designed for readers under 30 or students, this subscription offers a 40% discount on SPIEGEL+ content. It includes access to all S+ content on and the app, a digital edition of DER SPIEGEL, ePaper (PDF), Digital-Archiv, SPIEGEL+ Newsletter, DER SPIEGEL audio version, and the digital edition of SPIEGEL Start, a magazine for students and young professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Spiegel Abo recognizes that subscribers may have questions or need assistance with various aspects of their subscriptions. The FAQ section provides comprehensive answers to common queries, simplifying the subscription experience. Examples of frequently asked questions include understanding the purpose and use of the SPIEGEL-Konto (SPIEGEL account), creating and linking a SPIEGEL-Konto, and finding customer or order numbers.

The FAQ also addresses queries specific to Digital-Abo subscribers, such as using SPIEGEL+ on different devices, accessing the digital edition of DER SPIEGEL, and understanding the “Werbefrei lesen” (ad-free reading) option.

For Print-Abo subscribers, the FAQ covers practical topics such as reporting undelivered issues, managing subscriptions during address changes or vacations, altering payment methods, and the process of canceling a SPIEGEL-Abo.

Managing Your Subscription

Spiegel Abo makes it easy for subscribers to manage their accounts. The SPIEGEL-Konto, or SPIEGEL account, is the hub for making any necessary updates or changes to your subscription. Subscribers can conveniently modify their personal information, change their address or banking details, set up mail forwarding for vacation periods, and more through this user-friendly platform. Whether it’s a change of address, an update to your payment method, or pausing your subscription during travel, the SPIEGEL-Konto allows you to have complete control over your subscription and ensure it aligns with your evolving needs.

Contacting Spiegel Abo Customer Service

For any additional questions, concerns, or specific assistance required with your subscription, the dedicated Spiegel Abo customer service is readily accessible through various channels. This customer service team is committed to providing support and guidance to ensure your subscription experience is as smooth as possible.

Spiegel Abo offers a range of subscription options, ensuring that readers have access to DER SPIEGEL content in a format that best suits their preferences. Whether you prefer the tactile experience of a print subscription or the convenience of digital access, Spiegel Abo has a subscription plan tailored to your needs. The comprehensive FAQ section provides answers to common questions, simplifying the subscription process and enhancing the reader’s experience. With flexible management options, Spiegel Abo ensures that subscribers can stay connected to the world in a way that suits them best.

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